May 5, 2011

Fag Jew Boy...

The headline sure caught my attention: Fag Jew Boy. My first reaction: how offensive! My second reaction: hey, wait a sec, that's me....! So I read the story, on, and then my third reaction -- man oh man, bigots are so stupid...

An Illinois sheriff says he regrets using what he acknowledged was off-colour humor in a public posting on a co-worker’s Facebook page.

The posting, in which Schuyler County Sheriff Don Scheiferdecker made a comment that included the phrase “little fag Jew boy” about another co-worker’s photo, was meant to be private. (Uh, cuz that makes it ok, you bonehead?)

“I’ve dedicated my life to public service and sure don’t believe in public service by being harmful to people,” Schieferdecker said. (Oh really....)

He said there have been a few people in the community who have been critical of the remark, which was made in jest. (What, only a few?)

Schieferdecker said he made the comment after returning home from a long work night trying to save the fucking world. He posted it to the Facebook page of a dispatcher, so someone who reports to him, who had used the slang word for a homosexual under the picture of another dispatcher. The sheriff said he knew both men would take the comment as harmless teasing.

Schieferdecker said he didn’t realize everyone could see the comment.

“I wouldn’t say or do anything like that to hurt anyone,” he said, adding it upsets him when somebody is disrespected because of who they are. “I couldn’t care less about anyone’s religion and sexual preference.”

Newspaper reports didnt even bother with the using "Jew" as an insult, cuz I guess that's ok.

And Mr Sheriff, you didn't mean any offence, huh? (Yeah, sure, I believe you, Mr Lameass Moron Anti-Semitic Homophobic Redneck Bigot...)


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