October 30, 2012

Doggie Halloween 2012...

Happy Halloween from alfred lives here!

This year Alfred is a little convict, and yes he is guilty.... guilty of cuteness!

Each year I dress Alfie up in a Halloween costume and take pictures. I enjoy it because he is so darn cute, Alfred doesn't particularly enjoy the experience. He does however enjoy the bits of cheese I continually feed him during the whole process.

This year's cute little convict getup comes compliments of our friend Mina, who also gave Alfie his orange pumpkin sweat a few years back. The convict outfit consists of a striped t-shirt with a convict number, which was easy as Alfie is used to winter sweaters, and a cap with the words "Bad Dog" on it which he totally hated. I included an outfit pic because the cap did not last long on the little guy.

Yep, the last one is totally a "okay dad, enough with the pictures and the silly getup already... just give me cheese" look....