October 10, 2012

Rest In Peace, Mr Quinnster

Last week we said goodbye to my step-dog Quinn.

When K and I met, Quinn was eight and Alfie was one, so their relationship was established instantly... Quinn was the pack leader, Alfie became the beagle-wannabe.

Quinn was a 13-year-old beagle, the love and longtime companion of my husband K, and now big brother to Alfie. After a loving, energetic, spirited life, Quinn's health turned and it was time to say goodbye peacefully.

We brought Quinn home from the animal hospital for one last night. There were hugs and tears and lots of pizza.

Mr Quinnster... sweet, smart, shed like crazy, loved to cuddle, food obsessed, up too damn early every morning, self-appointed pre-wash cycle for the dishwasher, stampeder for treats, big brother for Alfredo, howler at hot air balloons... he brought many years of joy and love to our family...

Rest in peace, Quinn, you were loved....