October 6, 2012

Gay Men Cruising...

Exciting days... today we are on an airplane headed towards this very big ship, the Celebrity Millennium, as we are heading off on a 15-night Panama Canal cruise.

K is a world traveller, I am much more limited in my experience -- outside of North America, I have been to only England, France, and the Caribbean -- so this is a whole new adventure for me. I have  cruised before, but not like this... in addition to the canal itself, we have stops in Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico.

K and I have been together more than four years, and talked about a cruise early on, prior to our first real vacation together. We went to Vegas instead. Why? Well, the lure of Elvis impersonators aside, I blame my best friend Kathryn. She warned... yes, warned... my future husband against taking a cruise with me. Or at least counselled him to be cautions about it (she totally denies this, by the way). We were at their house (Kathryn and her husband), and were listing vacation options, and when I suggested a cruise Kathryn warned my then-boyfriend that this may not be a great idea, as I had two serious exes in my past, and had taken two cruises in my life, and the timing was suspect so this may not be coincidental. Apparently yes I am that terrible to be locked in an enclosed space with! So every time cruises came up, my husband, who will eagerly travel pretty much anytime anywhere, came up with another choice, or insisted on a waiver of non-breaking up during or after said cruise. Well now we are more than four years in, two years married, have no pre-nup and a big-ass mortgage... so that my friends is a waiver of non-breaking up!

For the next two weeks, Alfred is with his grandparents, where there will be lots of love, pampering and maybe perogies.

Alfred the blog, alfred lives here, will be well cared for as well, with a few posts I have pre-written and some amazing guest bloggers... this place may actually be classier while I am away. Okay not classier, as I have seen their posts, but definitely fun!

Keep coming back, keep commenting, keep sending cash (unmarked bills), and see you in a couple of weeks when I came back with stories from the ship...