October 19, 2012

Katy Perry, Life On Her Terms...

The hubby and I are away on vacation for a couple of weeks, so this blog will look a bit different for now...  I have pre-written a couple of things, and I have asked a few fab bloggy friends to guest post. They will class this joint up for sure.

Please continue to read and comment and tweet these posts out, I will catch up on all of it when we are back!

Here's some wisdom and spirituality from the smart and sassy Kelly of Naked Girl In A Dress, who is apparently totally pop culture deprived... we gotta do something about that!  Kelly asked me to guest blog earlier this year, and I am not above calling in a favour, people!

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As a fan of Alfred Lives Here, it was an honor to be asked to write here this week. Immediately following the invitation, I asked Brahm for a suggested topic. He told me, as only Brahm can do, that unless I have a secret gay past I wanted to confess to, probably something pop-culture related.

I actually considered fabricating a secret gay relationship from college just to make this an easier writing assignment for one simple reason:

I don’t watch TV, read People or Us magazine, or watch the news regularly. 

As a result, pop culture is foreign to me. This made the parameters for the post a stressful writing assignment, which might amuse people, knowing I write on my blog, Naked Girl in a Dress, and spend time daily on social media sites. 

This week, though, I was saved from my writer’s angst for this post; I watched the Katy Perry concert documentary with my daughter. As the mother of an almost-13-year-old girl, I did know who Katy Perry was before we settled in to watch the film. {Full disclosure: I did have to Google Russell Brand to learn whom she had married as well as details about the romance that led up to their wedding in India.}

What struck me as I watched the documentary (beyond Katy’s amazing costumes, concert sets, and talent) was her unwavering commitment, even against significant odds, to succeed in her personal and professional life.  

While many think of Katy as an overnight success, this young woman has been working hard for many years to achieve her dream on her own terms. When record label executives directed Katy to model herself after current stars, to be the next Alanis Morissette, for example, she continued to give the same response:

“I don’t want to be the next anyone; I want to be the first Katy Perry.”

Having a strong belief in who she is and keeping her resolve is a big part of why Katy is now successful. The kid-friendly, party-like atmosphere at her concerts is uniquely her.  She creates a special experience with her candy-filled pre-concert parties for children, and scores of fans are given the opportunity to dance on stage with Katy. 

While Katy is inspiring in her rise to stardom, she is equally impressive in how she has dealt with disappointments in life; Katy does so with grace and dignity. Handling her divorce privately and respectfully is something not seen in everyday life, but even more rare with celebrities. It was a commendable and mature decision.

I have heard her songs hundreds of times before seeing the documentary, never thinking beyond the enjoyment of the music while watching my daughter sing along with Katy. What I know now is that this young girl in her 20’s has a depth to her that isn’t readily apparent on the surface. 
Billboard recently named Katy Woman of the Year, which seems fitting for all she has accomplished as well as the message she sends through the choices she makes in her own life. She inspires all of us, not just children, to be courageous, choosing to be who we are unapologetically. 

Thank You Naked Girl In A Dress..... This is Kelly, she is awesome, and now I gotta go watch that damn Katy Perry movie!!