June 19, 2012

Tacky cake of the year...

Talented and hungry-looking country singer LeAnn Rimes tweeted out this picture of her husband's birthday cake this weekend.

As a TMZ refresher, Rimes was a child singing star who has grown into a major country singer, and truly has one of the best voices out there.

Rimes also acts, and she met husband Eddie Cibrian (an actor from The Playboy Club and CSI best known for his shirtless work) on the set of a TV movie when both were married to other people. They denied the affair at first but Rimes has since confirmed it. Both then had tabloid-blazing messy divorces, especially his where custody of two kids was involved. They married last year.

The cake features Rimes and Cibrian in bed, with his kids off to the side looking away. Who the hell thinks of these things? All together now, let's say "....ick".

On the upside, Rimes is a huge advocate of marriage equality and gay rights in general and has appeared at many fund-raising events. On the other upside, Cibrian looks like this....