June 14, 2012

Those bastards hacked my LinkedIn account...

Last weekend I got an email from LinkedIn, the omnipresent business networking social media site, that I had to reset my password because their site had been hacked and passwords posted online, including mine.

First reaction... holy fuck!

Second reaction... well it's not like there's personal details or potentially embarrassing photos on there, like on Facebook, so no big deal...

Third reaction... my boss and most of my coworkers are on there, someone could do some nasty damage to my reputation by doing stuff like putting out comments with the word "fuck" in them.... holy fuck!

According to the email I got, the stolen passwords were posted on a website apparently just for kicks. An online article I saw said there was a phishing thing going on where they used your password to unleash a virus on your commuter. Also apparently for kicks. Bastards.

Also posted online were the most popular hacked LinkedIn passwords. The top ten, ranked from most common, were:
1- link
2- 1234
3- god
4- work
5- job
6- 12345
7- angel
8- the
9- ilove
10- sex

Uh, really? 1234? 12345? Link? Hey those feel secure. Douchebags.

Also in the top 30 passwords were 123456, 1234567, dick, bitch, 654321, monkey and master... so smart AND classy!

Maybe using 1234 as your password is asking for trouble? Not that I am saying you deserve to be hacked, necessarily, but you sure deserve a whack on the head for that one.

So yes I have changed my password. And no it is not alfred, and it was not ever 1234 or Link... morons....