March 15, 2010

Edmonton says "There's an app for that..."

So apparently I live in a pretty cool city. Yes, cool as in cold, this is the Canadian north (we are the northernmost city with population over a million in North America), and also cool as in modern and tech friendly. Who knew?

Our city government just announced they are launching a CityWatch iPhone app in April, where residents can report problems to 311 (our city services direct dial, think 911 for potholes or garbage pick-up). You can send in photos direct from your iPhone and it uses your GPS to locate the issues. Pretty cool I think, and granted not objective here as I heart all things iPhone.

The city is also launching an Apps4Edmonton contest, with $50,000 in prizes, to encourage local super geeks to come up with other apps for Edmonton.

What should they develop? I want trackers for showing where traffic is blocked, where snow removal is good or bad, who is not picking up their dog poop, where the parking meter ticket dudes are, and a locator for the closest available parking spot.

I want a car finder that works in parking lots, an app that tells me when Betty White is on tv or if I am about to miss Cougar Town, an app that shows me routes to avoid the slow walkers on sidewalks, and an app that tells me which Starbucks has the shortest line. And that is just off the top of my head...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

That Edmonton app is not a moment too soon, as I noticed (while driving on Saturday) that pothole season has started. Yes! The first sign of Spring in Edmonton!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

You should develop an app that links to a micro-chip / webcam that is implanted into Alfred. Not only will it tell you where he is, but you would be able to see what he is looking at. You could call it 'Dog Cam' and get dog-food producers to sponsor you! LOL.

injaynesworld said...

I think you and I were separated at birth. Back in October I wrote about apps I'd like to see -- starting with one that made me a margarita.

Great minds thinking alike again. ;)

Clare and Gary said...

I'd like an app helps Australian Tom toms from getting lost ...grrrrr

Kevin said...

Why do you need an app to show you which Starbucks has the shortest line? The lines at Starbucks are non-existent compared to the lines at Tim Hortons.

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