November 5, 2011

Conehead Furball...

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes zooming towards Alfie about his surgery this week.

The little dude came through strong and is recovering. I am guessing the drugs helped. I should have had some.

Alfie had seven teeth removed, and corrective eye surgery for a displaced eyelid. I only got the cut-by-cut surgical details afterwards, which was good, as I was tearful and super stressed already, and would have gone batshit crazy all day waiting for him if I knew exactly what was happening.

The first night he was drugged to the point of being like a rag doll in my arms. Now he is more Alfie-like every day, though still on three types of drugs -- oral hygiene spray (sprayed into his mouth as I feed him a muffin), an oral spray painkiller (ditto muffin application), and a 3x a day eye cream which is no fun for either of us when it has to be applied. And the food is moistened to mush. And ah that cone... I take it off to apply drugs and give him a bit of a break, and yes he goes straight for the itchy eye. So that doesn't last long.

The upside? Alfie will be his full healthy self again, the bad teeth are gone as is that red thing on his eye. His grandparents are babysitting weekdays and spoiling him. And both dogs have been sleeping on the bed, as the cone is too tight a squeeze with his kennel. Yes, Mr Cuteness will come through this ok....