December 21, 2010

The worst crap of the year....

As 2010 draws to a close, I am working away on my second annual "Year's Best" post, and the collateral damage of that is having to revisit the bottom-dwelling suckfest that was the worst crap of the year.

Okay actually this review is cheezy fun. Living through this stuff at the time, not so much.

New TV Show
The quickly cancelled prime time soap Lone Star, acclaimed by critics as the best new show of the season, the one we just had to watch. The premiere bored and annoyed me, with inept actors reading bad lines. I tuned out halfway through. Cancelled after two episodes. Buh-bye.

Returning TV Show
A tie here for two shows I gotta admit I still kind of sort of maybe watch...
1) The View: Sherri is a homophobe, Elisabeth is a right wing Palin fan, Whoopi jumped the shark by endorsing Mel Gibson. Why do I watch this show again? Oh yeah, Joy Behar.
2) Brothers and Sisters, oh how I used to love you , and yes oh guilty pleasure, I still watch except when I fall asleep during the show, and I gotta ask, cuz you used to be smart and charming and caring --- what the hell happened?

One of my favourite authors, Jodi Picault, laid an egg this year with House Rules. Picoult is known for blending controversial issues with family drama. At her best, she makes me feel and think. When she's not at her best, it's just clunky melodrama.

The Dixie Chicks spin-off Court Yard Hounds. An average album from superb musicians is worse than a crappy album you expect to be crappy.

Sex and the City 2 takes the crown here. It took four smart sassy sexy characters with a weakness for men and fashion, and made them shrill selfish whiners. Excess does not equal fun. Let there be a part three only so this will not be their final hurrah. Legacy blown?

Scandal and Soap Opera, Part One
I felt sad for Sandra Bullock, and sad about Elizabeth Edwards. However the scandal gone too far was all things Lindsay Lohan -- jail, rehab, crazy ass parents, fuck-off fingernails, porn star aspirations, and more. Please make it stop.

Scandal and Soap Opera, Part Two
Mel Gibson, for being a misogynist homophobic anti-semite, you are a douchebag. Jodie Foster, for defending him as "the most loved man in Hollywood", you are pretty much just as bad. Where's your integrity?

TV Talk - Homophobia
On The View, on June 22, during a discussion of HIV rates among straight African American women, Shepherd blamed this on gay and bisexual men, an old myth that has long since been proven wrong by the Centre for Disease Control. Shepherd and The View refused to correct her dumbass and homophobic 'blame the gays' remark. Douchebags.

I love love love pop culture, and there was lots of great pop culture stuff this year, which I will write about soon. And then on the flipside, we had this crap...


Eric Arvin said...

Fun list! The View is infuriating at times.

Shell said...

I didn't even know that the Dixie Chicks had a new album. That would be b/c I'm in the South and they still won't play any of their songs here, even though their remark about GW doesn't matter all these years later.

I agree about House Rules- I wanted to yell at the characters "Will you just ASK him what happened????"

Gigi said...

NO! Please tell me that a Jodi Picoult book doesn't suck. But if I hear about it here it must be true. Which is a shame, because everything I've read of hers, so far, I've loved.

injaynesworld said...

Love what you've done with the place... Shepherd once said she believed the world was flat. Yeah - when she first joined the show. I've never really understood why she was ever hired. Joy is the best. I watch her new nightly talk show. last night she had on Bette Midler. Talk about a couple of really great broads!

This is a pretty good roundup of stuff you've got here.

Mrsblogalot said...

Look how fancy you are here!!

I love the Dixie Chicks! But The View is something I just can't watch. Ever. How does Joy stomach those guys?

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@ Shell -- the album was the Courtyard Hounds, the new group by 2 of the 3 Chicks, and it was unfortunately dull.

@ Jaynes -- I saw Bette on the Joy Behar show also, loved it! Two smart sharp women playing off each other is good tv!

@ Mrsblogalot -- thanks, glad you like the new look. And as for The View, I too wonder why Joy sticks it out. And yet I watch, like that car accident I cannot look away from...

Jabacue said...

Yes, Shepherd is the 'weak link' on The View.....lack of education I'm sure.
Brothers and Sisters is in their last year....and it does show!
Looking forward to your Best of the Year list.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Get you! Just looky at the make over that has gone on at your blog..... I bloody love it!

canoetoo said...

I agree that 'Lonestar' was a mess. But the central character was pretty dishy especially when he was shirtless ... which was quite often considering only two episodes ever aired.

Saucy B said...

Brahm you are so blunt in your reviews - i love it. Happy Holidays and an early Happy New Year to you!

Michele said...

I have never seen the View but now I'm glad that I haven't. Seems to me they are talking out of turn. Aren't I polite :)

You called Mel right.

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Your worse stuff is all stuff I managed to avoid anyways!

Kate said...

Totally agree about House Rules. I regularly work with kids with Aspergers, and her character didn't ring true to me at all. While I typically really like her stories, this one was meh at best.

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