July 7, 2011

Alfie likes to watch...

For someone who watches as much TV as I do, there are few shows I truly follow. I gave up on Brothers and Sisters about six months before the network did, and gave up on Desperate Housewives (again) when it jumped the shark (again).

So now that it's summer, season of mosquitoes and reruns, there is nothing really to catch up on.

During the season, I love The Big Bang Theory. Castle is fun. I love Torchwood but it's hardly ever on. The new Hawaii Five-O lost its charm after week three. CBC's The Debaters just came to TV and is very clever but still feels like a radio show (oy, radio, so old school).

Every fall, we watch the previous seasons of Bones and NCIS on DVD in weekend-long binges. Hey TV bigwigs, why aren't there more shows we want to do that with?

I don't like reality shows very much. Hell, some days I don't like reality all that much.

When you are watching HGTV and recognize the wallpaper in a house, its time to change channels. We have cable, time-shift cable, Canadian channels, American channels, movie channels, HD channels, blah, blah, blah. So many channels and yes often nothing to watch. What the hell?

So what do I watch, usually with computer and dog sprawled across my lap? The same old favorites -- Golden Girls (I've seen every episode multiple times), Mary Tyler Moore (some of which are still new to me), Murphy Brown (all time fave), Designing Women (shows its age, still charming), and sometimes Rhoda (meh). And home shows like Property Virgins and Love It Or List It.

What does it mean when I would rather watch The Golden Girls on a fake game show (GRAB THAT DOUGH!) for the 19th time than a new Law and Order: Peoria or skinny teen vampires or Mike and Molly? Hmmm...

Holy crap, even Jon Stewart is in repeats this week. WTF?

Now that it is summer repeat season, what do you like to watch?


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