August 17, 2011

Blogaversary fundraiser: Doctors Without Borders

Update: Thanks to all of your for your comments here, and for reading this here blog! With 29 comments and 4 new followers, Alfie is going to shake his piggy bank hard, round up and donate $40 to the amazing Doctors Without Borders.

Two years ago today (or yesterday, or tomorrow, depending when you read this damn thing), I started this amazing stupendous life-changing literary blog, alfred lives here.

We had just seen the movie Julie and Julia, which I luuuuuuved, and while the film inspired other people to cook and entertain and embrace their inner Julia, it had no such impact on me. I would rather eat popcorn and write. So here we are.

I have always been a semi-secret writer, kept journals, did have a couple of things published when I was younger and didn't need to support myself. Most of the time I just try to have fun with whatever writing opportunities comes my way. I give good email.

When I started this blog, it was natural to name it for my adopted baby, the world's cutest canine, who was sprawled across my lap at the time... as he usually is.

Blogging has been a great creative outlet for me; as my friend Lisa says, and she is a computer systems analyst who doubles as a fine artist, we all need a "secret life." And this is mine, especially now that I have given up table dancing professionally.

To thank you for reading alfred lives here, Alfie is going to recycle last year's first anniversary celebration:

To thank all of you for reading, and participating with your comments, for every comment attached to this post today and tomorrow (Aug 17 and 18), I will donate $1 to Doctors Without Borders' Emergency Relief Fund.

For every new follower I will donate $2 to Doctors Without Borders.

Geez, I'm asking for money. And paying for it now. Does that make me a whore? Or a john? My grandfather would be so proud...

C'mon, show the love and leave a comment... it's time to raid Alfie's piggy bank!


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