August 1, 2011

Strange Habits...

When I was attending McGill university in Montreal, I majored in Canadian history but took all sorts of classes outside my major, mostly cuz the history stuff got dry pretty quick.

One of my faves was a sociology course on deviance, where the hypothesis was that nothing is truly deviant: whatever is most common is considered "normal", and the majority of people who do the "normal" thing consider everything else "deviant". When we were asked to write a paper with a true story about something we did that was deviant to us but would not be to other people, I wrote about going to a straight bar. And talking to girls. I know, weird...

So staying with that idea of nothing is really deviant, except maybe paying real money to see Charlie Sheen's one-man show, then what is a strange habit? And what are my strange habits?

I don't know about strange habits, but here are some, shall we call them, quirks of mine...

1- I talk to my dog like he is a little person, in full sentences with more love and attention than I give most people. And I believe he listens and understands.

2- I can watch the same comedy over and over, and laugh just as much every time; this isn't just true for good ones like The Big Bang Theory; it's true for truly medicors shows like Rhoda, Mike & Molly, and the crapfest Rules Of Engagement.

3- I am terrified of ceiling fans.

4- My favourite foods are Licorice Allsorts and popcorn. And yes they work really well together.

5- I make lists about everything. I have made a list of lists I need to make.

6- I have seen every episode of The Golden Girls so often I can say the lines before them.

7- I am always cold. I would be happiest going thru life feeling warm like a piece of toast, and prefer to sleep in sweats and ski socks (I know, so hawt...)

8- I need to clear my email inbox or it gets me totally stressed out; yet I can ignore voicemail for days.

9- I am always reading three books at a time (I read somewhere that's a Gemini thing).

10- CNN's Sanjay Gupta annoys the crap out of me, more than those morons on Fox News...

So what are your strange habits?

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