August 4, 2011

My TV isn't gay enough...

Television networks received report cards from GLAAD (the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) this week when the organization announced findings from its fifth annual Network Responsibility Index.

The good news? Original prime time programming included positive representation of the LGBT community that also reflected the ethnic and racial diversity of the community. I immediately think of Kurt and Blaine on Glee, the many homos of the now-cancelled Brothers and Sisters, Callie and Arizona on Gray's Anatomy, and uh, um, what the hell else was there? I remember a tolerance-themed Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell episode of NCIS, and oh yeah The Good Wife got a mopey slutty gay brother for a couple of episodes...

GLAAD found the five major broadcast networks have all remained relatively steady in the percentage of LGBT-inclusive hours. The CW, Fox, and ABC all experienced slight declines, while NBC and CBS both experienced slight increases. ABC saw the greatest decline at -3%, while CBS saw greatest increase at +3%.

Two youth-focused networks, ABC Family and The CW, ranked at the top of the class this year, with ABC Family receiving the second-ever "Excellent" rating in the NRI's history, and with The CW besting the other broadcast networks. Ok, I don't watch either of those, cuz I am too damn old, but apparently they are homo-tastic with shows like Pretty Little Liars, Greek, and 90210.

The highest rated network, CBS, is always the lowest ranking network on the GLAAD report, and improved from "failing" to "adequate" this year; the network still only has one LGBT character - Kalinda, the mysterious bisexual investigator on The Good Wife.

Fox, with Glee, and ABC, with Grey's Anatomy and Modern Family, ranked "good," and NBC stayed put at "adequate."

A&E and TBS scored "failing."

These are all easy improvements, people. Okay maybe not for A&E and TBS, cuz I really don't know what the hell shows you people have on other than Criminal Minds marathons. For lowest ranked CBS, here are three easy ways to be more gay friendly.

1- The Good Wife: bring back gay brother Owen full-time, and give him a life.

2- NCIS: Wondering why all the failed marriages? Gibbs is gay.

3- Big Bang Theory: Sheldon is gay. Accept it and move on...

CBS execs --- you're welcome...


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