August 8, 2011

Worst Reading Group Ever?

I have been half-heartedly looking for a book club to join, as I belonged to one years ago in Vancouver and really liked the camaraderie of it, and discovering new books and authors I had never heard of. Except for the really crappy ones.

Granted, I am not looking that hard, because... (1) I am busy, (2) I am lazy, (3) I don't want to read crappy boring books just because other people choose them, and (4) I am prone to anti-social hermit-esque behavior on weekends.

My half-assed search did not involve me leaving the house, but I did hit google and twitter, and aside from a really unstructured drop-in group at the local library, did not find much of merit at all.

But I did find this poster...

Now I ask you... what the hell kind of reading group bursts into flames and sends a clown running from the building?

... cuz that is a book club I may want to join!


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