August 21, 2011

9 Celebs You Should Follow On Twitter...

I have a love hate relationship with twitterdom --- I love it because its fun and fast and has lots of cleverness and new ideas and I get to "meet" lots of people I wouldn't otherwise know. I hate it because it is a huge distraction and black-hole-esque time suck.

One of the interesting things on twitter is un-"handled" exposure to celebrities. And while I tend to think that most celebrities are vapid and shallow, and yes some of them have other people tweet for them (what the fuck is the point of that?), there are some who it's fascinating to see live in person on twitter:

1- Jann Arden: Canadian songstress and radio host is sweet, charming, and tweets endless adorable pics of her cute dog Midi. Light and endearing tweets, and it's always good to have Canadian content. @jannarden

2- Roger Ebert: the famed movie reviewer tweets on movies and much more, including political commentary and online articles of interest. It's fascinating to see where his links take you. And now I really want to read his autobiography, which comes out later this year. @ebertchicago

3- Christina Applegate: Sweet, humble, down to earth celeb and twitter addict. Anyone who tweets wondering about the word "tushy" is ok in my book. @1capplegate

4- Alec Baldwin: smart, funny, liberal; random wisdom, movie trivia and opinions from the artsy sassy far left. @AlecBaldwin

5- Anderson Cooper: The CNN anchor live blogs during his show, offering smart snarky opinions on current hard and soft news. Sure, he pimps his new talk show too often, but hey he's so good looking he can get away with it. @andersoncooper

6- Pauley Perrette: Super cool NCIS star and insomniac, tweets a lot, from fun behind the scenes stuff to call-out's to celeb buddies to animal rights and marriage equality stuff. Love her!

7- Rosanne Cash: One of my favourite artists tweets about music, life on the road, social issues, and teases her husband endlessly. Fun and smart. @rosannecash

8- John Fugelsang: self-described sexy liberal comedian. He is so bang on, I would retweet him every damn time if I thought wouldn't annoy my seven followers. And if I didn't have a job so could sit at home reading his tweets and eating popcorn. No, the popcorn isn't relevant, I just like it... @JohnFugelsang

9- Alyssa Milano: someone not on my radar since Who's the Boss, stumbled across this twitter addict and was hooked; from the pregnancy stuff to cool articles to campaign for social justice and kids causes around the world, I don't think of her as a celeb but as a real person, and that my friends is a huge compliment. A smart impressive lady. I learn from her links. @Alyssa_Milano

So these are my faves; which twits do you follow? Tell me in the comments section...


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