July 19, 2011

Blogging, Marriage, Queens and Klout...

The cool website http://www.klout.com/ seeks to measure your overall online brand or personal influence, by looking at your activity and impact on sites like facebook, twitter, and linkedin.

Their algorithm looks at more than 30 weighted variables, looking at your network size, network quality, and considering if and how you make people act. Their formulas are secret, though I suspect there is a Magic 8 Ball and an arthritic hamster involved.

My score moves around, it is 46 as I write this. I am clearly not a mover and shaker, as I am guessing that's higher than the guy who delivers our mail, maybe, and lower than Nancy Grace. That's okay... Alfie still loves me.

A fun element of Klout.com is that with its secret sauce formula, it lists topics in which you have influence on other people.

According to Klout, I am a "Networker", and here are my top areas of influence, ranked in order:

1- Marriage: yep, 13 months solid expertise here, people, ask me anything!

2- Blogging: While far from an expert, I blog, therefore I am a blogger...

3- Queens: the expensive royal family, movie queens like Elisabeth Taylor, some guy I used to date... yep, I know all about queens!

4- Cars: I know nothing, other than I want a damn sunroof; no effing idea how this ended up on here.

5- Food: I actually don't write about food much, though noteworthy here is the fact that I believe Licorice Allsorts and Popcorn are two basic food groups.

6- Money: Apparently one silly Dave Barry money post worked its magic and I now know money. Call me Suze Orman. Or don't.

7- Video: I was young, I needed the money, I didn't think anyone would ever find out...

8- Music: All hail Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar! All 70s and 80s, all the time!

9- Chocolate: Really? Jelly Beans, sure, but chocolate?

10- Libraries: Uh, sure, why not...

What's missing from this list? Well, "gay" and "dogs" don't appear on the list. So apparently this blog isn't gay enough, and doesn't have enough about my dog. Maybe a post about gay dogs eating jelly beans? Hmmm....

Check out your influence at http://www.klout.com/


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