July 26, 2011

Archie's gay gay gay friend...

Archie's new friend, Kevin, aka Riverdale’s resident high school homo, proved so popular, he’s getting his own full-fledged series...

Kevin Keller was introduced last year in Veronica Issue #202 as the new hot guy in town. Veronica set her Cougar-in-training sights on him, and was soon rejected due to Kevin’s affinity for dudes. The character was supposed to appear only in a four-issue miniseries, but the demand was so great, he’s getting his own Archie Comics spinoff monthly series, much like Jughead or Betty (or that bitch Veronica).

A (surprisingly?) popular character with the brand’s teen demographic, the blond hunk gets his own series in February 2012. Jon Goldwater, co-chief executive of Archie Comics, explains to The New York Times, “He’s proven to be incredibly popular… We’re just so proud of the success of Kevin and the fact that he adds a new dynamic to Riverdale.” A series of young-adult novels featuring Kevin is also under discussion.

Here’s a cool factoid --- only seven people canceled their subscriptions since Kevin was introduced, according to Goldwater.

In case you were wondering what Kevin will be up to now that’s he’s anchoring his own series, here’s a hint: "Even the most popular kids are not popular with everybody,” writer-artist Dan Parent, who created Kevin, told the Times. “There’s some adversity he’ll have to deal with.”

I am actual planning to subscribe to Kevin Keller. Not that I am a teenage girl (okay, bring on smartass comments...), but because I am fascinated to see where the story goes. And I know that financial success (sales) matters in a big big way to bold pop culture changes. I look forward to the comic running for years, and Kevin getting a handsome Jewish husband a cute little furry dog....


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