September 18, 2011

Welcome to the Modern Family Emmys...

I am a masochist when it comes to awards shows. Yes, I keep going back for more of the pain, even when they suck way more often than they soar.

That being said, this weekend's Emmy awards celebrating the best of TV were a rare success, with Jane Lynch doing a solid job hosting. She started off with a multi-show musical number, and topped it off by proclaiming "Try THAT in triple Spanx!" Gotta love her.

I think my favourite moment of the show was when Amy Poehler walked up on stage as her nomination was announced for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy. The rest of her fellow nominees followed suit one by one, making for a talented supportive group on stage. And then surprise winner Melissa McCarthy was crowned with a tiara and bouquet like in a beauty pageant. Her touching shocked speech was real and amazing.

Here's my best and worst moments from the show... tell me yours in the comments section:

- Julianna Marguiles winning again for The Good Wife
- the comedy video of sitcom characters saying what they hate most about their jobs, featuring Ashton Kutcher joining the wrong show (sounds weird, but it worked)
- Drew Barrymore, who looked her best ever... too bad she was promoting the buzz-less Charlie's Angels reboot
- Jane Lynch introducing the cast of Entourage by saying "A lot of people are curious why I'm a lesbian..."
- Kyle Chandler's sweet and humble acceptance speech as Best Actor
- "This year men finally broke through the glass ceiling. No more just looking pretty." -Melissa McCarthy & Amy Poehler
- the Canadian Tenors singing Hallelujah during the "In Memoriam" segment
- Modern Family producer Steve Levitan's call out to gay families during one of the show's 843 acceptance speeches

- the lame voice over banter; this is the worst shlock of the show year after year
- the "Lonely Island" Michale Bolton musical number, an SNL spinoff that was so awful it was painful to watch
- Rob Lowe and Sofia Vegara doing yet another schtick on her accent
- Emmy Tones celebrity back-up singers; I love you Joel McHale, but this blew
- the clunky Anderson Cooper & Jane Lynch Real Housewives meets Jersey Shore short video. There is such a thing as trying too hard.

Lesson learned -- apparently I don't watch enough TV. I should watch Upstairs Downstairs, Friday Night Lights, Too Big To Fail, Downtown Abbey.....


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