September 25, 2011

Faves Of New TV Season...

The Emmys last Sunday kicked off the new fall season for network television, and as usual lots of new shows compete with lots of returning shows which compete with lots of reality shows which compete with lots of copycat shows which compete with lots of crap.

Here's what's caught my attention...

Up All Night was funny and fast, better than I expected. Will watch again.

The much-hyped New Girl annoyed me. I did laugh a bit, but they are trying to hard to make the lead character fake dorky and adorable. Overall pretty much annoyed me. The producers should watch The New Adventures of Old Christine to see female lead sitcom done well.

My favourite show continues to be The Good Wife which returns tonight. The double episode season premiere of Big Bang Theory was very funny as expected, including a paintball war among feuding scientists and nerds bed hopping.

While watching the touching Castle premiere, I avoided The Playboy Club, as did everyone else, based on the ratings. I also skipped a bunch of hyped new shows, like Ringer, A Gifted Man, and Person of Interest. Anyone watch them?

I watched four minutes of the new series Unforgettable, which was all I needed to disprove the title. And I didn't even give four minutes to the Charlie's Angels reboot or the Prime Suspect remake, as even the commercials looked bland. The reboot that did work was the reinvented Two And a Half Men, which was clever and funny. I had low expectations for Ashton and company, and they sure beat them.

Aside from the Chaz Bono factor, the season premiere of Dancing With The Kardashian-Level Stars was not exciting. I will leave when Chaz does. (Go Team Chaz!).

And while I usually love the show, gotta admit the Glee season premiere was truly mediocre, aside from the sexy Darren Criss It's So Unusual solo. and my favourite number, the Glee kids covering the Go-Go's We Got The Beat...

... What have you been watching?


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