September 20, 2009

Hour 367 of the Emmy awards...

I love TV. And not just the artsy brainy stuff we all say we watch. Yes I watch the news, and CBC (sorta kinda sometimes). And I do love Amazing Race. And Desperate Housewives. And I watch 30 Rock. And Brothers and Sisters. And Big Bang Theory. And Jon Stewart. And occasionally Two and a Half Men. And Greys Anatomy before it jumped the shark.

I like award shows. The Oscars are a ritual (yes, very gay). The Tonys are fun. Plus Neil Patrick Harris is a fantastic entertainer and terrific choice as host.

So why are the Emmy's so darn boring? I am writing this less than 90 minutes into a three or four hour show, a bunch of awards are being given out, the opening number was fine, Tina Fey was dependably funny, the intro of each presenter is clever by naming their most obscure role ever, and then... the presenters do their usual bad chit chat, the speeches go on too long, the clips feature a bunch of TV movies I have never heard of, commercials seem endless, awards go to people I have never heard of, the voice-over talks awkwardly about where these people I have never heard of grew up. And did I mention I watch a lot of TV?

New idea folks -- make this show for the TV audience. Make it entertaining.

Or think back an hour and a half to your opening number, where you chided the audience to "not put down that remote". Because I am looking for mine now.

Oh wait -- there's Dr Horrible -- gotta watch!


emarene said...

Missed the Emmy's last night -- sooo tired. But like you - the Oscars is like a "religious holiday" for me. LOL!

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