September 11, 2009

Online dating for straight chicks

There are things in life that just aren't supposed to be understood... How off-shore tax havens work. Why "Transformers" is the biggest movie of the year. Why we care about those "Jon and Kate plus Eight" people. And straight guys.

Now granted as a gay man I am not the target audience for the charm of straight guys. They befuddle me. Last weekend my friend G was in town visiting - smart, cute, successful, good figure, funny, the whole package. Wants to be in a relationship. And still single. So why is she not hooked up with a great guy?

After lots of prompting she is dating online. And her profile is fabulous (I wrote it). And the pic is great (even though I was cut out of it). Still hasn't met someone. Or at least someone who is a keeper. She chats with and meets lots of guys. And most really aren't worth her time. When I was single, the gay dating world often seemed superficial, judgemental and all about the game playing. Isn't the straight world supposed to be more, uh, straightforward?

I know lots of fantastic single straight women. They get fixed up, they go online, they network. And still single. What are straight guys looking for? Brains, trust and charm? Or boobs, hookers and blow? I know there is no one answer here, yet it makes me wonder. I guess perseverance is the key - just keep meeting guys, playing the numbers, and eventually it will happen.

So keep at it. Stay optimistic. Keep an open mind and heart. And look for a tan line on the wedding ring finger...


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