September 26, 2009

No little dancer for Elton John

Elton John and his partner David Furnish (pictured) have been denied permission to adopt a 14-month old HIV-positive boy from a Ukrainian orphanage.

The Ukrainian government says it because Elton John at 62 is too old to adopt (Furnish is in his 40s). Really? Not because he is too gay?

The Ukraine also forbids gay adoptions, by the way. They do not recognize same-sex marriage or civil unions; John and Furnish tied the knot in 2005, one of Britain's first gay civil unions.
And a spokesman for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church called Elton John a sinner and said "thank God it's impossible under Ukrainian law for (him) to adopt a child."

Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and countless private citizens have successfully adopted children from many countries, giving them apparently loving homes and life chances they would never otherwise have.

I think a family is who you choose as your family. Others have very different ideas. There are lots of great parents out there. And lots of lousy ones. I don't think gay or straight factors in. The American Psychological Association and lots of other organizations believe that having homosexual parents does not negatively affect children.

So the bottom line is because this celebrated couple is gay, even though they seem to have a loving and wonderful relationship, and do loads of humanitarian work -- because they are gay, they cannot adopt.

So the Ukraine believes leaving this child in an orphanage is a better upbringing. Maybe he will beat the odds... live long enough to go through the foster care system. Avoid poverty, drugs, alcoholism. Maybe get an education... Maybe. Better off? Really?


Rohit Rajgaria said...

I think the society should change now...

Nice Post man...

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