September 29, 2009

Red Yellow Green

Like many people in my generation I tend to time things in song length. Growing up with a Walkman, and now having and loving an ipod, that is how time passes for me. Especially when running.

Which leads to my current frustration...
So why exactly does the programming for traffic lights in Edmonton? And what exactly are they smoking when they do this?

Yesterday I went for a run on a beautiful sunny Sunday autumn afternoon. Shortly outside my house I am crossing a major intersection on Jasper Ave. Yes I am crossing a busy route, but it is Sunday afternoon, there is not much traffic, and there were people already waiting. Time passed. Waves of cars in all directions. People waited on all sides. Another song ended. Some guy furtively hurried across the street against traffic signals. The red light continued. It was four minutes and felt like forty. No traffic, people waiting. More time passes. No cars, people waiting. Time passing. Another person runs across. Finally the light changes, I run across, hurrying although there are no cars anywhere.

So at 2.00 on a Sunday afternoon, there are people waiting on all sides of a road, there are no cars, human nature and efficiency means people will run across the road against the lights --- so shouldn't the city traffic light gurus plan for this? Aaaargh...


kasiaaintpink said...

Hullo :) Your blog rocks! And I totally know what you mean (except I'm on the other side of the world)... perhaps this is a global phenomenon?? I just want to move about 5m to the other side of the road, yet it takes me about 15mins... No ipod playlist in the world can disguise the frustration!


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