March 10, 2011

Anderson Cooper is gonna hate this book...

CNN hottie Anderson Cooper is going to hate Confessions of a Gay Anchor by Charles Perez because it drags him out of the closet kicking and yes, screaming. Not that we didn't know, Anderson.

Same for TV honcho Barry Diller, who is married to designer Diane Van Furstenburg, cuz it does the same for him. And makes him look like an egotistical asshole as well.

Other people who aren't going to like Confessions of A Gay Anchor: homophobic Geraldo Rivera, closeted Sam Champion of Good Morning America, TV execs he rips, family members of the author, and snooty literary reviewers.

I remember Charles Perez from his talk show in the early 90s, I thought he was cute and likely gay and then didn't really give him a second thought. He hosted that show, produced several others, anchored local TV news in Florida, and then got headlines when he sued the station for demoting and firing him because he was gay. A firing which is apparently legal in Florida by the way, how fucked up is that?

Confessions' chapters on gay Hollywood are dishy fun. Perez name drops a lot -- working for naive Ricki Lake and tight ass Montel Williams, sleeping with mogul David Geffen, repeatedly calling on Anderson Cooper and others to come out of the closet. It's bitter and a blast.

Also interesting are what Perez has to say about how the tv business works, which is all ego and power, and his difficult stories about coming out to himself and his family. He gets a little preachy on equality issues, and then ends the story on a happy note with his marriage and adoption of a little girl.

Confessions of a Gay Anchor is worth reading because it has fun and substance, and because I think it is a step forward every time someone comes out of the closet. Take that, Anderson Cooper!


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