March 24, 2011

These pooches live like princes...

Our kids, err, dogs, Alfred and Quinn live a pretty pampered existence: doggie day care, toys galore, indulgent grandparents, a fenced-in backyard, top-notch dog food, lots of treats, visits to the off-leash park, lots of love and attention every single day.

This past Sunday we both had the day off, and aside from going out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, we were home for the day. So Alfie and the Quinnster got lots of love. And lots of food, lots and lots of food...
-doggie food breakfast
-scrambled egg scraps
-doggie food crunch for lunch
-when we headed out, into-kennel treats: chicken-flavoured chews
-when we returned home, out-of-kennel treats: carrot-flavoured dog bites
-two-year old cheddar cheese
-dinner promptly at 6 PM: dog food for Alfie, whole chicken drumstick for Quinn
-cookie @ 7PM sharp
-cookie @ 8PM sharp
-bedtime Greenie, their favourite of them all...

Uh, is this how other dogs live? I am guessing no.

And, no, this was not a typical day... Friday was pizza night, Saturday was pizza morning. Dogs luuuuv pizza...


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