March 13, 2011

Holy crap, don't do THAT while you're driving!

Coming into effect July 1st, here in Alberta, is the most extensive distracted driving law in Canada. Finally, our politicians did something smart...

Alberta's legislation is unique in Canada because it addresses a broad range of dangerous driving distractions, including using a phone, applying makeup and grooming, using a laptop, texting and e-mailing. Also singled out: reading, writing, drawing, sketching and personal grooming.

I have seen people eating sushi, applying mascara, shaving, and reading a book while driving. And goofier stuff.

The new law also applies to cyclists, although personally I sort of want to see one of them drawing and personal grooming while they cycle. Sounds like a Bugs Bunny cartoon sprung to life!

While the law already sounds overly specific, I think they haven't gone far enough. There are lots of distracted driving morons out there. Here's more goofy driving behaviour, stuff I have actually seen people do behind the steering wheel, that we should outlaw:

(1) fiddling with an iPod

(2) reaching into a bucket of KFC, squeezing the little ketchup packet, and eating the greasy chicken

(3) playing with a semi-dog cute on your lap

(4) playing a guitar

(5) tearing a newspaper into strips

(6) picking your nose

(7) eating with chopsticks, and yes is worse than eating something else

(8) changing clothes

(9) turning around to adjust kids' seatbelts in the back seat

(10) presumably studying for an exam as the goofball was highlighting a textbook

(11) Windexing the inside of the windshield

(12) Looking through binoculars

Some people are just morons. What's the stupidest thing you've seen behind the wheel?


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