April 29, 2010

Gotta love... Kelly Ripa!

We work, live, and play with some of the best and brightest gay and lesbian people... people I'm honored to call my friends and family.

So we've never gone, "What would we do?" To us, our children are a gift, we're lucky to have them, and they're born how they're born, so it wouldn't even be a discussion in our house.

- Kelly Rippa



as sweet as she may sounds here, i still can't stand listening to her nasal voice....
she's annoying!!! but still sweet to say that.

Will Burke said...

There is this undercurrent of wanting our kids to be little versions of ourselves, but we do seem to be evolving past this.

inannasstar said...

I love what she is saying and am so glad that the trend of parents welcoming homosexual children is on the up.....however, girlfriend needs to NOSH ON SOMETHING. She is so skinny!

Michael Rivers said...

I loved her way back when she was on "All My Children." Great to read this.

injaynesworld said...

Okay, she's maybe a little less annoying to me now.

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