June 23, 2010

Seventeen Very Very Very Important Factoids About Yours Truly...

First, three disclaimers...

The photo above is not me, is the adorable Alfred, who is smaller, cuter, and (slightly) hairier than I am.

An 'important factoid" is pretty much self-eliminating as can something be both important and a factoid? Hey, it's my blog and I will break grammar rules on a whim.

This blog idea is shamelessly stolen from super blogger Patty @ www.pattypunker.com, and from my husband Kevin @ http://beinbalance.wordpress.com/

And now on to the Very Very Very Important Factoids About Moi...

1- My favourite foods are pizza and popcorn. And apple pie and ice cream. And on a stressful day it may possibly be true that I would kill for a bag of licorice allsorts. Oh no wonder I struggle with weight...

2- I recently married my favourite human on the planet. And the surprising part to me is not only in some ways that two guys can legally marry in this country (holy shit, how cool is that...), but how much it really has changed things for me. It feels different.

3- I love board games, and we are building quite the collection of amazing wood and brass collectible versions - Scrabble, Monopoly, and just this month for my birthday an amazing 3D-like version of Clue.

4- My biggest struggle for my whole life has been with a speech impediment. I stutter, and it has always bugged me beyond belief, from being tormented as a kid to impacting my self image into my 20s. Years of speech therapy helped only a little. Once I turned 30 I accepted it and moved on. Mostly.

5- The other big struggle has been with my weight, where I have ranged from way too fat to way too thin. I have learned perspective and to not obsess about it, while accepting that for me there is no normal here, is always an issue.

6- I heart sarcasm. Yes there are those who say it is the lowest form of humour or whatever, screw off, maybe that is why I love it. Not too long ago I was making some rude comment, and an acquittance said "do you know how sarcastic you are?". I tried to look innocent and said "who, me? That is the first time I have ever heard that." Douchebag...

7- I have tried every sport, and the one that took was a surprise to me as well as everyone I know -- turns out I love running, have done a marathon and several other races. Is my solitude and therapy, with loud music blasting on my iPod. I should find the time more than I do.

8- Huge book geek. Always have several on the go. I heart my kindle.

9- I am not only a book geek, I am a gadget freak... kindle, iPhone, TV gizmos, cameras, kitchen gadgets, I love them all. The newer and flashier the better. And when I can justify it will get an iPad.

10- As social and outgoing as I am, I need total solo time on a regular basis -- to read, write, watch hours of HGTV, consume vast amounts of popcorn, whatever.... to rejuvenate.

11- I have seen every single episode of Sex and the City. And own the DVDs. Have even seen the two mediocre movies.

12- I love love love music, and have it playing all the time. All the time. Almost all music. As I write this I am listening to Linda Ronstadt. Throw on anything from current Top 40 to Elvis to Trisha Yearwood to ELO to Go-Gos to classical to whatever and I am one happy dude.

13- I get speeding tickets.

14- I promise to go camping each summer. Somehow we never find the time...

15- Scared to death of ceiling fans.

16- All-time favourite album is Rosanne Cash's The Wheel.

17- Yes is true, I love love love dogs, though allergic to many, and have the cutest doggie ever, and a pretty awesome step-dog as well. And looking forward to number three...


Ray's Cowboy said...

Thank you so much for letting us see into you. I am glad I look at at your blog and read it. Whever I found this blog. I really do enjoy it.
Thank you

Rusty Hoe said...

OMG you love Linda Ronstadt and the Go Gos! I think I love you a little bit more now (I dyed my hair red during a Belinda Carlisle phase in my teens). I heart sarcasm too and think the only people who complain about it are those who are too dull to get it.

Lovely and interesting 17 insights into what makes you the Brahmster.

Kevin said...

Thanks for plugging my blog, honey.

pattypunker said...

thanks for the props, sugar pops!

we have so much in common. i love pizza, sarcasm, music, board games, satc, and i have a total need for speed!

congrats on your recent marriage! smooches.

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

One of my favorite posts! So many of those things surprised me!


Michael Rivers said...

Great list! It's always good to learn more about my favorite bloggers.

Will Burke said...

While not common, a ceiling fan phobia is totally rational. It'll be your turn to laugh when we all have press-board blades stuck in out temples & jugulars.

Jabacue said...

Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Number 2 hit a chord with me. I got married a year ago (in Canada also) and both my husband and I have 'felt different' ever since. We have been together for a while and can't put a reason on it....we just feel different.

Sara Plays House said...

Do you really love saying "my husband"? Because that was my favorite part. I would make up excuses to use the phrase. For like SIX months.
Anyway--excellent list. (I can't trust someone if they don't love pizza--it is perfect in every way.)

tony said...

My First Visit To You .......Now I am Up-To-Speed!
Regards from Tony.

Aunt Becky said...

My brother has a terrible stutter, too. It's completely changed who he is as a person. When he was a kid, he was teased mercilessly, and now, he's much more reserved and shy than he used to be. It makes him really self-conscious. I don't notice it because I've been around him since I was born, but he hates it.

Therapy never helped him and he won't go back. So there it is. It breaks my heart for him, and for you. I'm sorry you have to deal with it, too. xoxo

Kate said...

You are so right. The Kindle is one of the greatest inventions ever. That and ice cream.

bmat10 said...

I don't remember you having a stutter, I had one, Robert (don't know if you would remember him) had a stutter, but I really don't remember you stuttering.

One of my cats is afraid of ceiling fans therefore they must be evil.

It does surprise me that you ended up running. I was the runner, always captain of the relay team. You were always the smartest one. The smartest in the class, and probably the smartest in the school.

I don't run anymore, I have an absolutly horrible philosophy about such things: Sitting is better then standing, lying down is better than sitting. I did enjoy darts for awhile.

Getting married does change the way one feels. Now there is a level of comitment that makes it really hard to walk away. Before, even if common law marriage, there is very little to keep one from walking at the first sign of trouble. Now its not so easy to walk away. There is a difference.

marymac said...

ohmygod with the board games- am so jealous and would love to come over and play with Scrabble with you- even though it would require use of my passport- ha!

TEAM SARCASM! the 'lowest form of humor' people are just jealous because they aren't funny. DOUCHEBAGS! lol

I love Linda Ronstadt. Stuttering is hot. And having just returned from a trip, I will leave with you with a tiny heartfelt suggestion:



Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Thanks for all the reads and comments. I always find it interesting when bloggers I do open up more like this, and once I decided to do so, I then dragged my ass for like a month as I much prefer to be snarky and opnionated and hopefully funny than vulnerable. Call it my comfort zone.

Yes the stutter thing is was an issue, interesting how stuff like that matters more to us than most other people.

And Brian, wow, smartest in the school? Cool. Always thought that was my older brother. And I say that because is true and because he sometimes reads this blog (and is the only family member I have a relatinship with).

Sarcasm rocks, well said!!!

Camping beckons, will go, am taking the dogs!

Linda Medrano said...

I've stuttered from childhood, but it's better now (a little anyway). I think that's why I write. Isn't that weird? I have always hated having a stutter and why it bothers me so much I don't know since it doesn't seem to trouble anyone else!

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