June 29, 2011

Royals Shmoyals...

Tomorrow Wills and Kate -- err, William and Catherine -- the Duke and Duchess of Something, arrive here in Canada for their first official overseas tour.

I have nothing against these two, they seem like a really nice young couple (damn, I sound so middle-aged), and yes her wedding dress was faboo, and yes she is too damn skinny. The big question here is ----- is this important to us? When the economy is in the crapper and the government is eliminating jobs, estimates on how much this is costing the Canadian taxpayer range from two million dollars (not including extensive security costs) , and up. Is this the right choice?

Here's a post I did last summer about another Royal Visit... what do you think is the right path here?

"All hail the Queen, but why the hell am I paying her bills?"
This week the Queen is coming to Canada. Not just any Queen, not a drag queen, not Queen Latifah... THE Q.U.E.E.N, the 84-year-old British Monarch, who also technically is the Canadian monarch. You know, the one played by Helen Mirren in that movie, The Queen.

I am skipping right over the really big question here, why the hell is the British monarchy still our monarch. And then I am gonna skim over the next question, why is she coming now. And then I am moving on to the next question. My big question...


According to canoe.ca, this trip is gonna cost about 4 million bucks for the Queen to pack up her handbag, fly over, watch some shows, shake some hands, wave just a little, and go home.

And don't get me started on the Queen's representative in Canada, our Governor General, who costs us about 30 million bucks a year to do pretty much nothing. Good thing we don't have any schools or hospitals or public transit organizations that could use that money.

According to www.macleans.ca, Canadians pay about 50 million dollars a year for the Queen and all of her representatives in Canada. More per capita than the Brits pay for the monarchy. Yes, we pay more for the British monarchy than the Brits do. What is wrong with this picture?

Replacing or tossing the royals would require unanimous agreement of Parliament and all ten provinces. These bozos have never agreed on anything. So the bottom line is that we Canadians will have the monarchy for a long long long time... so my simple little question is: why can't they pay for own damn travel?


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