December 22, 2011

80s Musical Orgasm...

"This place is about to become a sea of sweat, ear-shattering music, and puke..."

My love for all things 80s, from Dynasty to When Harry Met Sally..., is well documented on this blog. Most of all, my extreme geek love for 80s music is huge, from Pat Benatar to Boston to Toni Basil's Mickey to Olivia's Physical. I loooove 80s music.

I more than loved the Broadway musical Rock of Ages which takes a corny Don't Stop Believin' story of smalltown girl coming to the big city, and rocks it out with 80s hits like Can't Fight This Feeling, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Harden My Heart, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, and I Want To Know What Love Is. It's cheesy brilliant fun. I sing along to the soundtrack in my car. A lot.

The film version is coming soon, with Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Mary J Blige, Tom Cruise, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. It's directed by Adam Shankman, the annoying judge on So You Think You Can Dance, who did a really find job with the film version of Hairspray. Here's the first trailer.... see you at the movies!


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