December 2, 2011

Too far... or too gay?

Gay online dating site Manhunt has launched its new uncensored mobile site and it sounds like the billboard announcing the site is getting a lot of people in a tizzy.

The billboard (above) is provoking lots of reaction saying it is too explicit, too racy, too gay, too something. Is it? Sure it's sexy and shows skin, but less skin that you can see on TV or the beach or even; would the reaction be the same if it were a guy and a girl?

As quoted on, here is the reaction from Manhunt: We received dozens of complaints about the campaign here at Manhunt HQ in Boston, as did our ad agency, Lamar Advertising. Citizens were reportedly concerned about children being able to view our billboards. One annoyed parent even wrote an online op-ed piece last week claiming that her complaints got our ads taken down (actually, our LA campaign expired as scheduled on 11/20/11).

Manhunt billboards follow the alcohol advertising guidelines, so they are not placed within 500 feet of schools, churches, playgrounds, etc.

Bottom line... would this be different if it were hot shirtless guy kissing hot girl in bikini? Sure some would object but not many... so settle down people, it's just shirtless two dudes embracing.

Not convinced? Here is an ad for Michael Kors underwear. I saw it in a mall, and is also being used for billboards. I haven't seen an online furor over this one even though it's sexy, it's provative, and uh isn't that her hand down his pants...?


400 Wakeups said...

I have WAY more issue with a billboard showing someone's hands down someone else's pants than 2 guys embraced. An embrace is an easy thing to explain to kids...even if it a bit more sexual than what they normally see people do. But they should not be able to look around and see society justifying them putting their hands down someone else's pants.

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