August 17, 2009

And so it begins...

So here I am, online, Monday night in quiet Edmonton, writing about myself for anyone in the world to see. Okay so virtually no one in the big wide world will read this. Maybe aside from my boyfriend a couple of amazing close friends who will out of loyalty and curiosity. If and when I finally tell them I am doing this. There are literally tens of millions of blogs out there, and what percentage of them get an audience? So this is for me. Good enough for me.

Why blog? Keeping a journal is important to me, it keeps me focused and centred and reflective, especially in stressful and turbulent times in my life it has been really helpful and valuable, and I suck at it. So I hope this blog will reinvigorate journaling for me, make it new and interesting. Something shiny and new – check.

Why now? I saw “Julie and Julia” last week and loved it, was inspired by it, and latched on to the idea of a blog for self expression. Easily influenced by pop culture – check.

I am going thru some wacky mid-life crisis and family stuff and work stuff and think I should organize my thoughts and feelings better and this may help me. And I just got a new laptop and finally went wireless at home so I can write in bed at night as I watch the daily show or cnn’s endless Michael Jackson murder investigation coverage – what there isn’t any other news in the whole world? Nothing to watch on TV, dont feel like reading or working, Alfie is conked out, 14 pounds of adorable Havanese snoring and sighing. Easily bored - check.

Stay tuned for more...


Anonymous said...

Ah ha! Here I thought you might be inspired to COOK :(

What fun you are having! Enjoy. K

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