August 30, 2009

And why exactly do I subscribe to OUT magazine?

In life we do little unimportant things we then look back on and wonder why: Why did I stay up all night and watch 9 hours of back-to-back of Friends? Why did I skip my run? Why did I eat that eighth slice of mushroom pizza?

For me one of these unimportant nagging questions happens once a month or so. Why do I subscribe to OUT magazine?

My September OUT just arrived. Pop star Lady Gaga poses on the cover and talks about how she loves gays. A fashion spread features a black leather belly shirt and a baseball cap with chain mail fringe. A shopping section features an $800 bbq that looks like a big green egg. Lots of beautiful ads feature beautiful men in beautiful places. How is this relevant to my life?

I love information input: books and magazines and the Internet and news and pop culture soundbites. CNN is crappy and I watch that, or at least I did before it became all Michael Jackson all the time. Maclean's is mediocre, and I subscribe mostly because it's Canadian. So I guess I subscribe to OUT because I am gay and want to feel some sense of input or connection. And it is glossy and pretty!

And then, like in life, once I look past the (oiled, waxed, buffed, coiffed) surface, there is stuff of interest and substance there - three authors talking about the future of gay fiction and a piece by food critic Frank Bruni on struggling with being gay and fat. Granted, it's not universal health care. But it's interesting and relevant.

Oh, and true to form, the September issue has an ad for a breathtaking Louis Vuitton men's bag and all-important nipple count of 31 (18 advertising, 13 editorial). When's that next issue coming?


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