August 28, 2009

Coming home to Alfie

Travel can be exhilarating. Travel can be exhausting. Business travel can be all that and more, jammed into 12-hour days and late night flights with lousy food.

This time was a quick business trip. I was away for three days, and the little guy was very well looked after - home with my boyfriend K and his beagle Quinn, and days at doggie day care running with the herd of pampered puppies. So Alfie was not exactly suffering.

Three days away, and then, ahhhh, the hero's welcome a pet parent gets when we come home! Barking, licking, jumping, more barking, panting, total excitement! It's like I have been gone for months, for years, and Alfie has been mournfully sitting by the door waiting for me, not enjoying a second of life while he waits. And then woo hoo, Dad is home!

How great a feeling that reception is! Warm, loving and genuine, the dog is thrilled I am home! What a lift!

Then again, maybe I shouldn't get too excited about the hero's welcome. The FedEx guy gets about the same. And the pizza guy gets all this with higher jumps and way more barking and whimpering. Next trip, I am stopping at Pizza Hut on the way in from the airport. I wonder... do they have medium liver chicken pies for the Havanese?


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