August 31, 2009

Not already freaked out about what is happening out there in the big wide world? Want to be scared for the future of the humanity? Read on.

Google is THE search engine for most people, so a look at their top worldwide searches from 2008 tells us what interests people:

1- Sarah Palin: really, people, #1 point of interest in the world?

2- Beijing 2008: okay it had its moments, but there were like 8 million hours of TV and coverage. It was harder to escape the Olympics then watch them.

3- Facebook login: Yes I like facebook. And i can get there without training wheels. Its url is How hard is it to find?

Also in the top ten: Obama, the Jonas Brothers, and tuenti (think Spanish facebook). Maybe now with Microsoft's Bing gaining ground, people will start to add some substance here.

And yes this comes from the guy whose top ten searches would include pizza and puppies. And Canadian politics. And searching for spoilers on Desperate Housewives. Ok, room to evolve.


Wendy said...

I go to Spoiler Fix for my Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Supernatural, etc. spoilers! They are usually bang on with everything. :) I can't wait to see who the bride is- my fingers are crossed for it to be Susan. I'm not a big Katherine fan. This season should be good!

Brahm said...

Thanks - good lead - heading to Spoiler Fix! And as for the mystery bride, I am hoping for a big surprise, and neither Susan or Katherine!

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