August 23, 2009

I heart Reba...

When I was living in Toronto a guy I was hanging out with (friend? date? don't remember) dragged me to a Reba McEntire concert. I wanted to seem open minded and adventurous so I smiled and declared I was excited while really dreading the redneck culture fiesta we were going to see.

Almost twenty years later, the guy is forgotten, and the concert remains unforgettable - the excitement, the music, the pulse of the crowd, the Vegas-style staging, the costume changes, the sequins, the really big hair, and most especially the powerful voice and amazing stage presence of Reba.

I loved every minute of the show, and have since collected a mountain of Reba CDs, as well as seeing her in concert again, and watched the sitcom, seen the movies, etc.

That first concert I saw was in the early 90s, and Reba had released a song about AIDS called "She Thinks His Name Was John" and it was controversial. She stood strong in the face of critics and defended the song and stood with her gay fans. And even showed appreciation for the drag queens who impersonate her. So now I liked and respected her.

Reba has a new album out -- number 8,953 I think -- which the LA Times calls "joyfully timeless". As part of her promotional tour she gave an interview to OUT magazine where she again stands strong. I keep on loving this woman. And I gotta buy that CD! Features Reba Stands By Her Gays

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