August 21, 2009

Puppy in the Storm

While Alfie definitely has some Velcro in his supposedly purebred genes, the world's cutest pooch is not usually especially clingy. He is super attached and always nearby, but not usually physically on me. Except in times like now. It is 11-something at night and even though I work tomorrow am up with the TV on, on my bed with the laptop, catching up on email, jumping on and off facebook, and playing with this new toy my blog. Which a couple of days in I have finally told my boyfriend about and emailed him the URL (look when I am not around!), so now it feels alive. For better and worse.

And Alfie? Summer storm outside, rain, and now intermittent thunder. So the snoozing pooch has arisen from his latest nap, did a long leisurely stretch, and scooted over here for protection. Zap - he is on my lap. Then on my hands. Then the keyboard. Now my arms and the keyboard. Up licking my face. Back sprawled along my leg and on the keyboard. calm, then scared, not even barking. I have spell-checked this 9 times already, because 14 pounds of hair and attitude may be small for a dog but is large and heavy compared to this keyboard. He taps keys... "keyboard" spelled "keybiord". Scale up to 780%. All caps. A whole different blog? Then a faster route to spell check - how he do that? What do they teach him at doggie day care?

It is times like this that I truly feel like his dad, like his protector. Okay licking my nose and staring at my with his deep dark moist eyes... awww.... end of blog, off to wrestle with the pooch. I may even let him win this time.


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