October 18, 2009

All about doggie poop

Okay, another misleading headline - this is not all about doggie poop. Ewww...

There is one question I have on the subject though. I have a totally domesticated, supremely pampered, completely dependent pooch. And Alfie is Havanese, so his ancestors were bred to be lapdogs, never a wild dog or hunter among them. So every time an apparently wild instinct kicks in, it amuses and or befuddles me.

Which bring us back to poop... why the dance before hand? The site selection is entertaining enough, and then the walking backwards and circling the spot? What is up with that? Most of the time he is out in the backyard, or on a leash and the closest being is me with the plastic bag. Why the ritual?

As this is top of mind for me (yep, slow day), I googled "why does a dog walk in circles when the poop" and discovered that yes this is something people think about. Theories? looking for a good spot, looking for a safe spot from predators, looking to 'trample their nest' so as comfortable as possible, looking to point upwind so they know who is around. All good ideas for something we are clearly spending waaay to much time thinking about.

Okay next earth-shattering mystery... why does Alfie step forward as he poops so I have to follow the poop trail with a plastic baggie?


libu said...

I dont know the poop answer, I think it would be more common in a smaller dog.. maybe someone else will know?

Clare and Gary said...

They all do it I think..Gary always has a lttle dance around and my Mom's lab is the same !! I'll never understand why gary follows me around the house either..you'd think he'd have worked out I'm not going anywhere by now! I love Alfie by the way..he's gorgeous!

Brahm said...

That's hysterical - sounds like Alfie! We call him Velcro as is always with me, follows me everywhere even into the john. And Gary looks awfully cute!

Clare and Gary said...

yep..(john)..know that feeling..it's difficult being stared down in there sometimes ;-)

Annie (Lady M) x said...

My dog is called Naughty George. He is a complete bastard in every way, but aside from that, he also does a little dance and walks whilst he is pooping.

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