October 2, 2009

Dogs in drag?

Why do so many of us dress up our dogs like little children? Why does this bug some people so much?

For the record, I live in a cold northern climate, I have a 14-pound dog who is close to the ground, and he needs a winter coat so he does not become an icicle on a pee break. Yes, I truly believe he needs a coat. I also admit he doesn't really need the five or so coats he has. Or some of the other stuff he has.

Some people dress their little dogs up all the time, in cutesy and colourful outfits, parade them around, they look cute and or funny and we pass the pictures around the Internet. And yes I think we can all agree that celebs like Paris Hilton take it too far, when she dresses up her Chihuahua like a tacky fashion accessory and drags him around in a handbag.

Other people are adamantly against dressing up their dogs no matter what. Dogs are nudists in nature, they should be nudists period.

I land in between somewhere -- Alfie gets suited up once in a while.

Alfie has a selection of coats I put on him for walks. We have 8 months of winter here, and yes I pamper my dog. Alfie is the closest thing to a child I have. Sure, he never grows up and he like to poop outside, but other than that he is like my adopted child.

And the one time a year I take it further is Halloween. Get something cute, put it on the little guy, take a picture, and then chances are he never wears it again.

I tried a sparkly bow tie for a photo last year. Didn't last 30 seconds. No photo was had.

Oh, and the pictures above? Is a Halloween t-shirt given to me by a friend, and it says "trick or treat" on the back. I think it's adorable. My partner's reaction was "Oy, Poor Alfred...."


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