October 8, 2009

Broadway gets political

Ever watched the Tony's? No? Okay, put on your shocked face... act surprised... Broadway is very gay. Or at least gay friendly. Especially when it comes to musicals... yes, some stereotypes are true. We love the musicals! K and I already have tickets to Wicked and Avenue Q for our upcoming trip to New York.

This weekend, the cast and producers of the long-running pacifist musical HAIR are taking it a step further. The National Equality March in support of gay marriage happens this Sunday in Washington, D.C. and in a bold, expensive and I guess unprecedented move, the producers canceled Sunday's matinee so that the entire cast can join the march.

Is this a risky move? Probably not, a Broadway musical about peace love and equality is not risking alienating their core audience here. Is it bold? I think so. We all need to stand up for what we believe in a bit more often.


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