October 18, 2009

Criminal Charges for Balloon Idiots

According to CNN.com, those idiot parents of "balloon boy", who was never really in danger and never really in the balloon, set the whole thing up as a publicity stunt and will now be charged with a few things - conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, attempting to influence a public servant, and filing a false police report.

My question is not why did they do it -- apparently to market themselves for a reality show, by the way - because they're idiots, so who cares why they did it?

My question is - why is this news? Why did CNN and HLN and the networks give this so much play for days? What, not enough going on out there with the economy and wars and health care and unemployment and David Letterman and Madonna's adoptions and the new season of Desperate Housewives etc etc? They were broadcasting this stuff live like our lives depended on it.
I mean, yes, is true, I love junk TV, and even I turned this off. Hopefully ratings and feedback will inspire them to change. But I am guessing not...


libu said...

there's such a competition to either be first or be a part of the lastest viral news to keep viewers, every network must participate... unfortunately I dont think you can get true news from the cable and network news. It's all bologna!!!! I like Current tv and my local indepentent radio station for news. this balloon story is a sad testament to the bad side of technology and to the lengths some people will go to be famous. Also Sundance has a show called Brick city..a documentary series about the challenges of Newark NJ featuring major Cory Booker...that's the kind of news I prefer,real people trying to solve the problems of our society. It is very uplifting

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