October 9, 2009

Fun and games with contractors

As winter comes, the days get shorter and darker, snow and ice frame everything. And life is busy... work, friends, dogs, family, travel, planning wedding, getting ready to sell two houses and merge households. And building our dream house in a great new development with a talented and respected architect and builder. So what could go wrong with this plan?

Yep, you got it. The house thing is not a smooth ride. I guess with all the tales we hear of construction gone bad, I shouldn't be surprised. And yet I am. It wouldn't occur to me to expect people to not come thru on their commitments, or at least to fail to communicate when things are behind or simply not being done. Only a few weeks in and we have unanswered questions, changing timelines, and murkiness on money and paperwork. Aaaaaaaargh!

The good news is that as a couple we are totally on the same page. We know where we are and what we want. And we are early enough in the process to walk away and change contractors if we need to. We are putting forward crystal clear expectations, and things will be what they will be. It is a fit or it isn't. The ball is in their court now.

Life is never boring, even when you want it to be....


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