October 14, 2009

"Yes, I Had Sex With Those Women"

Those are the now famous words of TV icon David Letterman, in a scandal-ette (aka little scandal) where he admitted to having sex with women (plural) who work for him, and went public to thwart an alleged blackmailer.

About the blackmailer? Stupid and wrong, and yes criminal, and let's go through the process, and if he is guilty, lock him up.

About Letterman? Creepy. Sure, some old boys are defending him, as are some blogging Europeans who seem to think is no big deal, and Barbara Walters, who clearly has waltzed into senility, saying Dave is a charming man, so why is this an issue?

The sex isn't an issue; we are all adults, do what and who you want. The infidelity to his wife isn't an issue; that's between you and your significant other.

The "those girls I banged work for me" is the issue, Dave. What's your interview process there? How do the non-banging employees feel? Why is this ok when we are all so schooled on workplace harassment issues? How are you even gonna be able to make a Sarah Palin ethics joke now?

I think Letterman is smart and funny, if a little brittle for my late-night taste. If I am up that late would much rather watch Jon Stewart, seems more literary and informed and I like his take on politics. From what little I know, I like his values. Yikes... You think he is banging anyone on his staff?


Anonymous said...

Oh leave the guy alone, everybody is so worked up over this.

marymac said...

OK, your invocaton of Jon Stewart, who I WORSHIP, changes my perspective, because I thought I was all 'eww, Letterman, you can't screw your workforce!' but if I was a humor writer employed by Jon Stewart? I would totally bang him. He's Numero Uno on my celebrity "To DO" list.
I love your blog, and you, and can we trade blogroll links? Because I am doing a "Share a Blog Saturday" thing and would love to feature your supercalifragilisticexpealadocious blog. Stop by!

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