October 11, 2009

Coming Out, Staying Home, Being Thankful

In the US, today is National Coming Out Day, a civil awareness day for coming out and discussion about gay and lesbian issues. It is intended as a day for all people, of all sexual orientations, to "take your next step" in living openly and powerfully on October 11th. It's day to be grateful for and proud of who you are.

Here in Canada, it is Thanksgiving Weekend, an annual holiday to give thanks at the close of the harvest season. Although some people thank God for this bounty, the holiday is mainly considered secular. It's a day to be thankful for what you have.

I am not marching on Washington. Also not having a big Turkey dinner. My day? No commitments, and feeling pretty terrific about it. Day off from work. Quiet time with Alfie, maybe play time in the snow. Not going to accomplish a whole lot.

There is stuff I feel like I should be doing -- work stuff I brought home, mail and bills to process, wedding stuff to do because has to get done and so feel like am doing my share. Laundry. Housework. Phone calls. Going to the gym. Cleaning off the desk. Man this list could get really long.

Or nothing at all -- a relaxing day with a book and some escapist TV, maybe a dvd. And the world's sweetest pooch on the sofa beside me. Now that is something to be grateful for.


Wade Smith said...

Fun post, a lazy day would be a welcome thing in most places!

slightlyinsanestacey said...

No turkey dinner? That's just sad. I love turkey. :)

Snow? I'm so jealous.

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