December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays, Homophobes!

Openly gay Member of Parliament Scott Brison, sent out this Christmas card to his constituents this year, featuring Brison and his husband and their dog in their home province of Nova Scotia.

Lots of politicians mail out cards featuring their families so this is pretty typical. And then when the card was featured on the website of The Globe And Mail newspaper, the posting got so many negative comments that the newspaper shut down their comments section over what they called "an overwhelming number of hateful and homophobic remarks", saying "we can't allow our website to become a platform for intolerance."

Really people? Same-sex marriage has been legal in Canada for the better part of a decade, and even for those uncomfortalbe with the concept, this picture is so tame with the guys standing so far apart they could be cousins (except in Arkansas, when the cousins would be standing much closer).

Should the paper have shut down the comments? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe let the idiots speak and show themselves to be uninformed moronic bigots.

Brison reacted with class: "There's always a very, very tiny minority of bigots. It's their problem; it's not my problem."


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Way to go Brison!

You know what... it's a toughy, but thinking about it, I actually think they did the right thing shutting down their comments section. If, for example, 300 bigots read negative comments about gay relationships (even though that might only represent 0.0000001 of the population), it just re-affirms their homophobia and makes them perpetuate it.... you know... the 'oh! it's not just me... bollocks'

EEk. sorry to rant.... and swear

For the record, I think Brison and his hubby look hot...oh yeh!

Michael Rivers said...

I love Brison's comment.

lz said...

I agree that shutting down the comments might have been the best move. Some people just don't know how to be nice, or even to disagree respectfully. Why give jerks more of a forum to preach intolerance and bigotry? Let them make asses of themselves in their everyday lives, not on a news website.

Clare and Gary said...

not wishing to be shallow, but they look pretty hot to me too... LOL...
and if they were from Arkansas they'd be brothers...cousins is West Virginia!

Kevin said...

WOW! I did not realise The Globe and Mail shut the comments section down. I read the article on and did review some of the comments, when they were still active. Good for Scott and Maxime (and their golder retriever, Simba). On a more positive note, there was a follow-up to the controversy in yesterday's The Vancouver Sun, Gay MP Scott Brison inunudated with support after Christmas card controversy.


while i like the postcard and find it's a gutsy move, i'm hardly surprised by the response. saying "there's a very tiny, tiny minority of bigots" is a mistake. they are a minority indeed, just as we are, but they feel they have the right to be outspoken, still believing us to be ourselves forever a silent minority, unwilling to come out... i grew up in those times when homosexuality was taboo, never spoken of, or ridiculed if it was ever mentionned. i've seen the community grow into a conscious entity, willing to fight for his survival. we got ridiculed, bashed for standing out, but we've learned to never back down, never empowering those bigots. the society i live in has become tolerant, not accepting really, only tolerant, as i won't be fooled. when push comes to shove, any radical political and/or religious shift would let the inner bigot come out in way more than we could suspect. if we lived in an accepting world, discussing homosexuality would be such a triviality, just like having blue eyes or red hair, an insignificant detail in one's life,
a non-issue. but truly, this remains a very sensitive issue, no matter where you stand about it.
season's greetings to everyone!!
i'm not targeting anyone specific,
just offering my best wishes to anyone who wants them.

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