December 26, 2009

WTF... What's up with Facebook's Top Ten?

Facebook has revealed their 2009 top ten trends from all users' status updates, and here they are:

1- Apps especially Farmville

2- "FML"- an acronym for "Fuck My Life" - this one is new to me

3- swine flu

4- Celebrity deaths, most notably Michael Jackson, Patrick Swayze, and Billy Mays

5- family, especially references to kids

6- movies, especially New Moon

7- sports

8- health care, which peaked with a targeted campaign supporting Obama reforms in September

9- facebook

10- twitter

Some of this I get, some I just gotta say... what the fuck?

I am on facebook and totally enjoy it. You may be reading this blog through facebook. I especially enjoy my friends' status updates, if they are travelling to exotic places, updating on movies they are seeing, or sounding off on just about anything.

But farmville? Really? Number one? I have blocked farmville updates, and mafia casino updates, because let's face it, you can piss away as much time as you want to, I just don't give a crap.

And #2 is people using an acronym for Fuck My Life? Firstly that is kind of sad and depressing and wallowing for a headline in social media, and secondly, how the hell did new slang become so pervasive and I didn't know about it? Talk about feeling out of the loop.

And then on the list swine flu and celebrity deaths? Yawn... I am glad to say I don't recall a whole lot of this from the people I am linked up with.

What were my status updates about? I just scanned them over for the year, and the recurring things were brutally cold weather, my adorable dog Alfred, and Art on the Block, the big charity fundraiser I chair for the Art Gallery of Alberta. Overall, less exciting than I had hoped for.

Okay, while my updates aren't the cure for cancer, I am proud to say there wasn't a single farmville, New Moon or swine flu status update all year. Still, to my disappointment and now deflated ego, they aren't that dazzling or memorable, or especially wise, insightful or clever. FML.


West End Bob said...

Sounds like you're more like an "EML" kind of guy.

("Enjoy My Life") . . . .

Kevin said...

Status updates about Alfred, but not your fiance? WTF?

Erin said...

Hi there,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & following--I'm here to repay the favor & am now your newest follower.

FML is new to me as well, but kinda love it. P.S. I'm a vampire addict. Hope this doesn't deter you!

Brahm said...

Hey all, thanks for comments! Bob I like hte "EML" idea, how cool! Erin, not deterred at all, I really like your blog, and Mr K, you asked for it.... look for your name all over the place!!

Anonymous said...

WTF...FML...that s a good combo for when you're really depressed yet still have a funny bone in you!

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