December 10, 2009

Harry Potter and the habit of watching stuff over and over

It is a record-breaking brutally cold winter night, and we are cocooning in the basement. Yes, beside the fireplace, under the comforter with the dogs again, favourite winter place! We could have broken out the scrabble game, but that was sufficiently ego-bashing last week, so this will be a tv night. Rather than sitcom repeats, we opted for a dvd.

Tonight was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. K and I are working our way through the Harry Potter movies. We borrowed the set from my friend Kathryn (who is a tad obsessed with Potter world). I have seen each one as it came out in the theaters, except the latest; K hasn't seen any, which is wacky weird.

So far, I am enjoying Potter the second time around. Totally entertaining adventures, and Ron Weasley cracks me up. And no I haven't read the books, bought the puke-flavoured jelly beans, worn the costume, or named my dog Harry. But I am enjoying the movies. Not sure if K is, as he is popping in and out of the room like Endora. But gayer.

I love movies and see a lot of them. Aside from a select few -- Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Princess Bride, Chariots of Fire, Laura, The Devil Wears Prada, anything James Bond -- I rarely repeat. If I've seen it, I've seen it. Which is kind of weird, I think, because I have music that loops endlessly over and over (Rosanne Cash, Fleetwood Mac) and sitcoms I watch over and over (Sex and the City, Seinfeld). There is also the crap I totally avoid because sitting through it once would be once too often (that's you, According to Jim).

So why is it different for movies? Not sure, maybe more effort (okay that sounds so totally lazy), or more concentration required, or they are more plot driven. We'll see as we work our way through the 53 Harry Potter flicks. And then I am sure there is a all-day marathon of The Nanny on the tube somewhere...


Michael Rivers said...

I am the same way. Some movies I can watch over and over; to the point of knowing every line of dialogue. Other movie I really enjoy seeing--but once is enough. Same with TV shows. I am a music junky so I have many artists that I listen to for years.

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