December 21, 2009

Hey kids! Who wants to be a swagger coach?

In the current issue of Maclean's magazine, teenage singer Justin Bieber (I think he is like a junior Jonas) confirms that he has a swagger coach.

When asked why, and what this coach does, the articulate teen says "he kind of teaches me, he helps me just stay swaggerific. I don't know." Uh-huh. Hey, buddy, how about a talking coach?

So assuming that swagger is confidence, attitude, how you walk, how you present yourself, how you handle yourself, pride, maybe a touch of arrogance, and so on, is this coachable? And does a teenage boy of all people need that? If you are 15 and already have a recording career and some level of celebrity, do we need to feed that ego more? Hello Mr Future Tiger Woods, let's ensure you are supremely confident!

And who does that job? Who is a swagger coach? Are they certified? Is it a psychologist working on your self-awareness and sense of zen? Is it someone from America's Next Top Model? Do you recruit on Kajiji?

I have two thoughts on this ---- (1) damn stupid job, and (2) hope that swagger coach is totally gay, at least that way there is a chance for swagger success.

3 comments: said...

I'd like to be napping coach. I'm completely certified in the art of napping at any given point in time.

West End Bob said...

Justin Bieber: "Who knew?"

swagger coach: "Who knew?"

I'm really out of the loop . . . .

Brahm said...

Ooh, I like the napping coach. Fab idea! I could do that. Can I work from home?

And I too did now know who the hell Justin Bieber is, which because he is like 15 is likely to reassure me and the world in general.

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