December 22, 2009

Martha Stewart loves the gays back!

Fabulous gay men have worshipped at the altar of domestic diva Martha Stewart for years. And now Martha is giving back the luuuuv.

In the new 15th-anniversary issues of Martha Stewart Weddings, Ms Stewart and company are for the first time celebrating a same-sex wedding, that of Jeremy Hooper and Andrew Shulman, who married in Connecticut in June of this year.

As for the wedding, it looks like fun, a mix of traditional and informal (though I would skip the Dukes of Hazard cake).

As for Martha, keep it up. We want more!


Kevin said...

No comment. said...

When is her token...uh wait, no comment here too.

Michael Rivers said...

That is great to hear! Good for her and her company. Not everyone would do that.

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